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Metro Pads, Inc.
3817 S. Santa Fe Ave.
Vernon, CA 90058

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Metro Pads, Inc. began serving the industry in the mid 80's and soon became the leading manufacturer of bra cups in the country. We have consistently supplied customers throughout the country, as well as international markets. Our dedication to quality guarantees exceptional products to meet the demands of our customers' top designers.

Metro Pads, Inc. has had continued success in the venue supplying some of the most contemporary swimwear and lingerie lines. Manufacturers of evening wear, and updated junior apparel have become a part of our growing clientele.

View of our main factory in Vernon, California

Our product development department allows us the creative flexibility to accommodate even the most discerning customers, whether for high volume or smaller programs. And because we make our own molds, and our manufacturing is done at our plant in Vernon, California, turnaround and delivery are quick.

In addition, due to the current demand for cups in the Far East, we are now also manufacturing cups in China, and deliver them to our customers there.

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